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PSNC Security Team, besides attending IT security conferences, organizes trainings at the PSNC headquarters as well. There are two main paths of training:

  • Supercomputing Department training - Supercomputing Department (Polish abbreviation KDM) is the PSNC department that PSNC Security Team is a part of. Trainings are free of charge and intended to extend KDM users knowledge. Apart of the parallel processing, IT security is the most common covered subject.
  • MIC training program - a part of Microsoft Innovation Center project activity. The trainings are free of charge as well and are organized on two separate paths: those strictly oriented with IT security and those associated with interoperability (mainly discussing security level of heterogeneous IT environments).

PSNC Security Team gives occasional trainings for Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center employees as well as for participants of projects PSNC is taking part in.

Average number of trainings during a year is 8-10. For more information see Supercomputing Department training page (in Polish) and MIC security training webpage.

Here is a list of trainings from past years. Most of the materials are prepared especially for users with average IT knowledge so we encourage everyone to download:

Download the most recent materials (in Polish):

Date Author Title Size
16.12.2009 Łukasz Czarniecki Layer 2 security in Ethernet based networks 1.8 MB
16.12.2009 Marcin Jerzak Forensics & Anti-forensics 1.5 MB
23.06.2009 Gerard Frankowski Security of a heterogeneous hosting platform 4.3 MB

Supercomputing Department Trainings:

Date Author Title Size
16.12.2009 Łukasz Czarniecki Layer 2 security in Ethernet based networks 1.8 MB
16.12.2009 Marcin Jerzak Forensics & Anti-forensics 1.5 MB
29.04.2009 Tomasz Nowocien Web applications security 4.0 MB
27.02.2008 Marcin Jerzak Viruses, worms, bots - how to defend against them 0.3 MB
27.02.2008 Tomasz Nowak IT Resource Management 2.8 MB
30.10.2007 Maciej Milostan E-mail server configuration - Postfix and spam 0.6 MB
17.05.2007 Michal Melewski IDS/IPS system testing 0.1 MB
30.01.2007 Gerard Frankowski Protecting network communication with IPSec protocol 4.2 MB
03.10.2006 Błażej Miga WWW Hosting threats and Apache Web server save configuration 0.9 MB
27.06.2006 Tomasz Nowocień Installation and configuration of IPtables 0.1 MB
25.04.2006 Jarosław Sajko Wireless network security 0.9 MB
28.02.2006 Gerard Frankowski Secure application programming using OpenSSL 1.4 MB
08.12.2005 Maciej Miłostan Intrusion Detection System 1.7 MB

MIC security trainings

Date Author Title Size
23.06.2009 Gerard Frankowski Security of a heterogeneous hosting platform 4.3 MB
18.06.2009 M. Drygas, M. Jerzak, J. Tomaszewski Bypassing firewalls in Windows systems - workshop 1.7 MB
18.12.2008 Jakub Tomaszewski Bypassing firewalls in Windows systems - threats and countermeasures 2.5 MB
19.11.2008 Maciej Miłostan Unwanted mail - defending against the spam with MS Exchange 2007 and MS Forefront Security 4.9 MB
24.06.2008 Gerard Frankowski Security in enterprises - good practices of using Microsoft solutions 5.0 MB
10.04.2008 Tomasz Nowak MS Office Open XML format - security, files structure, data processing 4.2 MB
18.12.2007 Gerard Frankowski Secure programming in Windows 5.4 MB
30.10.2007 Blazej Miga, Gerard Frankowski Security of IIS v. 7.0 server 2.0 MB
17.05.2007 Tomasz Nowocień Threats and ways of protecting computer networks 1.1 MB
29.03.2007 Michał Melewski Protecting Windows System 0.2 MB

There are webcasts from some of the MIC trainings available. See the MIC download page.


Date Author Title Size
22-23.06.2010 Gerard Frankowski, Tomasz Nowak GN3 project: security training for the developers. More info here
27.11.2007 PSNC Security Team Inside PSNC employee training - more information here
03.03.2006 PSNC Security Team Polish Platform for Homeland Security training session - more information here (in Polish)
02.02.2006 PSNC Security Team Network administrators training session 0.2 MB

Main topics:

Security tests of Web browsers
PSNC Security Team conducted a set of comparative tests of Web browsers, addressing resilience to attacks on SSL/TLS
We encourage you to take a look on our detailed report (currently in Polish only).


GN3 project: security training for the developers
PSNC Security Team took a key part in preparing a complex, two-day training on secure programming that was organized in Poznań for the participants of one of the largest European research projects: GN3.

We encourage you to download the prepared presentations.

More information

Related topics:

Security services
New PSNC Security Team Security Services catalogue is available in Services section
Catalogue (in Polish)

On-line shopping security
PSNC Security Team decided to take a closer look at electronic shopping service. The result of our work is a report (in Polish).

Internet Banking
Report about internet banking security status in Poland is available here and the reaction in media here