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Report about security of on-line shopping

Publication of the report caused several notes:

Gazeta Wyborcza

E - Banking

Publication of the report caused several notes:

Radio Merkury
Życie Warszawy
Dziennik Internautów

Gadu - Gadu

Polish popular communicator Gadu-Gadu vulnerabilities report caused following notes:

Wirtualna Polska - My tu Gadu-Gadu, a tu... 7 dziur!
Interia - Nowe błędy w GG
Gazeta Wyborcza - Dziury w Gadu-Gadu
CERT Polska - Poważne luki w Gadu-Gadu

Main topics:

Security tests of Web browsers
PSNC Security Team conducted a set of comparative tests of Web browsers, addressing resilience to attacks on SSL/TLS
We encourage you to take a look on our detailed report (currently in Polish only).


GN3 project: security training for the developers
PSNC Security Team took a key part in preparing a complex, two-day training on secure programming that was organized in Poznań for the participants of one of the largest European research projects: GN3.

We encourage you to download the prepared presentations.

More information

Related topics:

Security services
New PSNC Security Team Security Services catalogue is available in Services section
Catalogue (in Polish)

On-line shopping security
PSNC Security Team decided to take a closer look at electronic shopping service. The result of our work is a report (in Polish).

Internet Banking
Report about internet banking security status in Poland is available here and the reaction in media here